Benson Simmonds is an award-winning actor, an award-nominated writer/producer and celebrated acting teacher and coach.
He is also an abstract painter, having had many solo exhibitions of his work shown at many art galleries in Canada and the U.S.
His art work hangs in prestigious collections throughout the world.

Quotes About Benson Simmonds As An Actor And A Teacher

"Where to start in describing the most inspiring teacher and actor I've met to date? I met Benson Simmonds in the spring of 2005 for private coaching and a scene study workshop. I was floored by his acute sense of insight and instinct in regarding the Ivana Chubbuck  technique that is so profoundly present in his style.
It is a technique that is unique and works an actor's drive on all levels to the max. I had no idea how much the work that we did together would influence my entire perspective of acting since I began 26 years ago in college. Benson rocked my world and it will never be the same. Out with the old and in with the new! I wish we could have him living right here in Montreal to be able to access all that he has to offer.
Benson is on ALL the time. Never missing a beat in class as to how to guide the students through their work so carefully that they can "own" a scene. I have accelerated through my experience as well as watched the transformation of the other students in class from a fine performance to a raw and honest spectacular triumph brought out because of a sincere trust with Benson."
Dawn Ford, actor, Montreal

"Studying acting under the discerning tutelage of Benson Simmonds means way more than the typical course description of "learn how to act."  For me it was more like a voyage of self-discovery and awareness, leading me to explore my inner-self, and consequently find my own potential for being the best possible actor I can be.

All this translated into amazing audition results including many occasions where I was subsequently asked to read for a more important role on the spot!  Benson is a teacher who goes way beyond the role of teaching and his uncanny ability to understand people enables him to push each student to their individual limits.  Because of this, his group classes feel like private lessons and the intense workshops feel like marathon training for actors.  If you have the opportunity to study under this master, I full heartedly recommend you do so.  You will never regret the experience!"
Donna Seidman, actor

One-Hour Coaching Lesson With Benson Simmonds 3 One-Hour Coaching Lessons With Benson Simmonds

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